name: Wish Tree (a site specific installation as a part of Light The Dark Project by UNWOMEN TURKEY) 

material: Neon, Tree, Steel

date: 2019


Violence as a social behavior pattern must be eradicated and a violence-free social structure built on dialogue,
empathy, understanding, tolerance and mutual respect must be fostered. Let’s keep violence confined to nature’s
own dynamics. The cycle of nature may be its own violence, but our life practice is based on an understanding
community where each living creature’s right to life is considered sacred, in the axis of basic rights and
freedoms. The work titled “Wishing Tree” which takes its strength from this desire will have an arrangement in
which the following phrases are written using neon lights on the branches of a tree in the Park of Seğmenler:
“Strike of Lightning, Blast of Rain, Severity of Winter, Sound of Thunder, Hit of Wind”.

Our wish is to make the audience who come across this arrangement see violence as the dynamics of natural
events only and think about any kind of violence in sociological terms but especially about gender-based
prejudices, through the metaphorical method used in the work, thus leading them to be sensitized and take action for a less-violent society.